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About Joanne

Each college applicant is a unique individual with a story to tell, and admissions officers want to hear your student's story. I will work with your son or daughter to do just that! Once colleges look at credentials such as GPA and test scores, they want to find out what makes your student tick, what they are passionate about, what they like to do. Among the many things I help with is to put that story together in the most compelling and organized way so that your student will have successful outcomes.

I work with each student on an individual basis. Together we will come up with a list of schools that will be a "fit" and we'll work diligently together to ensure positive results. Beginning with our first meeting, I will get to know your student (and them me). I will assist with determining where to apply depending on interests, credentials and goals; help edit essays to make sure they reflect each student at their best;

 suggest what to do and look for on  college visits; coach your student on interview skills; help navigate the application process and assist your family when it comes time to make a decision on where to go.

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