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About Sheryl

My student-centric philosophy is based on the belief that there is no reason to focus on one dream school or think that getting into a particular college will determine a students' success in life. In fact, the "Best College" is the one that is the best fit for your individual student, and the good news is that students generally have many choices. A successful search is not about name or prestige- it's about where your student will have the best opportunity to thrive.

I work with individual students to determine a good mix of 8-12 schools, help them through the visit, interview, essay and application process and in 

many cases, after acceptance, can help parents appeal for more gifts, grants and scholarship monies. I know that not every school is right or affordable for every student, so I take a realistic approach with each family. As a result, my students enjoy a very high acceptance rate, an extremely low transfer rate and the bulk of my new business comes from the enthusiastic referrals of satisfied clients.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and partner with you and your unique student to minimize stress and maximize success throughout the college journey.

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