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What Students Say...

“Your help throughout the year with great advice, improving my essays and showing me how to highlight the examples of my leadership in my application was so incredibly valuable. I really couldn't have done it without you!”


Lehigh University

Class of 2015

“Thank you for all of your great guidance and advice. Your tips for interviews and the way you edited my supplemental essays gave me the confidence I needed and I'm sure helped me get in!”


Georgetown University

Class of 2016

"Thanks for convincing my parents that the rap I wrote as my essay was OK and that it would stand out. The admissions counselor made a point of telling me how much he enjoyed it."


Hartwick College

Class of 2016

 "It was awesome to brainstorm with you over which schools made sense for me to apply to and I doubt I would have ever met those deadlines without your coaching! You and I had a lot of fun perfecting my essays too. I would recommend you to all of my friends."


University of Maine

Class of 2017

"Our meetings were so productive! I wouldn't have stuck to a timetable and gotten everything done, and I don't think I would have gotten into so many schools either, without all of your help."


Boston College

Class of 2017

"Thank you for helping me find my unique voice and express myself so well in my essays. I gained enough confidence to apply for and win an additional merit scholarship from my first choice college!"


High Point University

Class of 2017

"I am so grateful to be going to my top choice and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go without your help!”


Boston College

Class of 2018

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