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What Parents Say...

"I feel like we had a friend who was always available to help and genuinely cared about what was best for B, J & M. Not only did you help all 3 get into their first choice, but your persistence resulted in a $10k per year merit award!"


"You really were our partner in this whole crazy process. M. enjoyed working with you and just as you assured us, is thriving now at college."


"Thank you for keeping D. motivated and on schedule with all of his applications! Instead of arguments at home, he met with you and got things done."


"J. didn't want to submit anything without you looking at it first. Thank you for always being available and so responsive to him- and us, his nervous parents, who were just overwhelmed by the whole process. We're forever grateful."


"Your calm and easy-going demeanor helped C. feel much less stressed out about getting things done. He really enjoyed working with you."


"Hiring you was one of the best things I did this year...You have been a pleasure to work with and we've learned so much...You saved us time and helped us make the best decision for S. with your knowledge and excellent advice."


"We just received a $15,000 annual merit scholarship for R. that we never would have even asked for if we weren't working with you. Thank you for holding our hands through the whole process!"


"With your guidance, I. got into every school you helped him apply to! He always looked forward to your meetings and came home smiling. He and we are so grateful and appreciative of everything you've done for us!"


"After you guided us on how to do it, we ended up leveraging one school's offer with R's top choice and getting more merit money from his top choice than any of us ever expected."


"We needed someone with knowledge to be the voice of reason with J. Thanks for being that someone!"


“You worked extremely well with my son from start to finish, truly seeing his strengths and steering him towards colleges best suited for his learning style and interests. We are very grateful and happy!


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